Since early childhood, Gunilla Sterud (cand. philol.,b. 1967) had a strong fascination for everything of beauty; music, art, fashion, literature and last but not least jewelry.

After many years of studying art and working with painting, Gunilla found a chance to make her own jewel collection through a Greek workshop. A three year stay in Athens during her preteens, as well as numerous holidays on the Greek islands, predominantly magical Myconos, helped her discover this team of unique artisans that could make stunning pieces she had seen no other place.

The first earrings were created in Athens April 2015, and from then on new models have appeared continuously. Finding her own name unfit as a jewel brand, she decided to use the name of a legendary bar on Myconos, Caprice Bar. The connotations to the word itself also seemed quite suitable. The pieces are in many ways hard to resist, even for the spoiled crowd.

The collection encompasses earrings in all sizes, bracelets, rings and necklaces, including some models adapted for children. Most pieces are made of brass plated with 24 k gold, antique silver or other fitting plating, as well as Swarovski
crystals of best quality. Other materials used are semi-precious stones, glass, vintage stones, resin and leather.

The pieces appeal to independent, confident, sophisticated cosmopolites who prefer to have a non-mainstream style and look fabulous by giving their attire that chic final touch, even on gloomy Monday mornings.

It’s all about color combinations and building on classical shapes, from Antiquity to Art Deco.

The aim of the Caprice collection is to make women feel glamorous and chic, and to make timeless jewelry of very high quality, to be enjoyed for decades.

The company is growing, and the number of retailers increasing. Caprice presently boasts retailers in Nassau, Bahamas, Saint Tropez, France, Puerto Banus, Spain, Myconos, Santorini, Greece, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne, Münich, Germany as well as in a multitude of cities in Norway.